Welcome from ICDF

It is our joy and delight to welcome you on behalf of ICDF to our 2019 Dance & Culture Study Tour in India.

This is the tenth international gathering and our first Dance & Culture Study Tour. To find out about previous gatherings, please click here.

What can we look forward to?

  • High on the list is a warm welcome from our host country, CDF India. Our thanks to Albert and his team for their prayers and preparation for receiving us and, as we arrive, for the hospitality and care that we know awaits us.
  • It will be hot but we are on the coast so we will be cooled (a little!) by the breeze coming in from the oceans -  and what oceans! This is the spot on the southernmost tip of India where three oceans meet ... the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal, and the Indian Ocean. Tourists come from all over India and beyond to paddle in the waters at this point.

“Come, everyone, and clap for joy! Shout triumphant praises to the Lord... the God above all gods, is awesome beyond words ...” Psalm 47:1-2 (TLB)

    • Tourists also come to see the sun rise and set - most beautiful sights - and the late evening, and especially the early morning, are also the coolest times in the day. We invite you to join us on our sightseeing trips. This is a town of historic sites too. Lots to add to our sightseeing lists. 

    What else? 

    Our primary venue is the YMCA - an International Christian Guest Centre offering accommodation and workshop space, set amongst trees and in spacious grounds. It is an oasis in the busy-ness and activity of the town. A place for us to 'step aside' and be 'set aside' for our purposes for being there. 

    These include ... 

    • meeting up again with ‘old’ friends and making new ones as once more we gather from around the world in Jesus Name for dance and cultural exchange
    • growing together through the plenary sessions, dance electives, workshops and presentations; reaching out to others through the concert, visits within the town and to the nearby village; learning new dance technique; receiving hospitality from local people; experiencing the sights, sounds and tastes of our host country; giving and receiving all that the Lord has in store for us 
    • and making memories that will last for years to come - all in the Name of Jesus for it is in His Name that we gather. 

    We welcome you with open arms. Enjoy the week and indeed 'be blessed'!


    Jan and Saartjie

    International Joint-Coordinators

    Connecting our faith and calling in movement