Feature: Dance Movement Therapy

Join us as we explore dance as a form of therapeutic movement as part of our ICDF Dance and Culture Study Tour in India 2019.

Hoola for Happiness

Carissa Caricato brings techniques and experience from her work with Hoola for Happiness to help us explore joy and healing through dance.

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Reconnecting your Body and your Emotions

Angela Leung offers a dance workshop that will help you enhance your awareness of both your body and your emotions. Glimpse the practical application of her research in this workshop, and hear her present an academic paper on the topic during our Seminar Day.

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Dance and Deliverance

Renelle Snelleksz shares her passion for Dance Movement Therapy as a tool which can help bring freedom from trauma. In this freedom, we are able to flourish in life, self, and relationships with others.

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Date 05/06/2019 - 05/12/2019

Connecting our faith and calling in movement