Thank you

2016 Conference: Ghana

As with any international event, this conference could not have happened without the collaboration and support of various individuals and entities.

  • To begin with we want to thank the Ghana Conference Committee for all the work on the ground and seeing to all the practical arrangements. To the Irish Conference Committee, thank you for taking care of the international delegates and for your patience in answering all the dozens of questions that came your way.
  • Then we have a huge thank you to the School of Performing Arts and to the Dance Department of the University of Ghana for making their facilities available to us.
  • To all the participants, local and international, thank you for being there and bringing your special flavour to the conference. These include the teachers, worship leaders, musicians, speakers, delegates, technical assistants and Conference partners.
  • And finally, a special thank you to all our sponsors and Conference Angels who gave so selflessly to make it possible for some of our delegates to attend the conference; and to those praying as part of the Outer Prayer Shield. May God bless you for 'standing with us'.

We know that something extraordinary has taken place in Ghana and we are grateful to each and every one of you for your part in it.


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