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Your Dance & Culture Study Tour, your choice


Shape your week with our Seminar Day Presentations, Morning and Afternoon Electives, and branch out in the late afternoon with our Individual stand-alone workshops.

Seminar Day

For delegates arriving a few days before the Dance & Culture Study Tour starts officially, there is the option to take part in the Seminar Day Presentations on Monday 6 May.

Morning Electives

Delegates are invited to choose one Elective to follow across the first three mornings of the Dance & Culture Study Tour. Work together to grow, learn, and prepare with your group for a Concert on the Thursday evening. 

Morning Electives take place on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

On Friday and Saturday, join in the Cultural Activities on offer in a nearby village and in the town. 

Afternoon Electives (Tuesday and Wednesday)

Continuing our theme of working together to grow, learn and prepare, the early afternoon of Tuesday and Wednesday will start with Afternoon Electives. Delegates will be able to choose one to follow across two afternoons working towards preparing a group presentation for the Plenary Sessions on Thursday morning.

Individual Workshops (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)

Teachers from around the world will offer a variety of stand-alone workshops in the late afternoons of Tuesday and Wednesday, and in the early afternoon of Thursday. These sessions will give you the opportunity to learn new techniques, broaden your experience, and develop different dance styles.

Hoop Jam (Tuesday and Wednesday)

Join Hoola for Happiness for Hoop Jam, a giant dance party for the purpose of drawing all people into the Joy and Freedom of God through hoop dance.

Basic Foundation Course (Friday and Saturday)

Presented in partnership with the ICDF Diploma, delegates are invited to participate in a two-day course on 'Biblical Foundations of Christian Dance.'

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